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Ground Plane

Use ground cable to ground the airplane. Pull cable out until it "clicks" and it will stay. Clip it to the landing gear or exhaust pipe.

Credit Card

Open cover on credit card terminal and insert card with magnetic stripe facing left. Follow instructions on screen.

Fuel Airplane

Turn dispenser on by flipping lever over - this will turn on the pump. Dispense fuel into aircraft fuel tanks. There is a ladder at the site if needed for high-wing aircraft. Large red numbers read out gallons dispensed and can be seen from the aircraft.

Return Hose and Ground Cable

Place nozzle back in receptacle and turn dispenser off (this will cause the receipt to print). Pull on hose gently until the "click" stops and then manually guide it back onto reel. Do not let hose run itself back onto the reel. Return ground cable to its reel in same manner as hose.


Retrieve receipt from terminal printer and replace cover on terminal.

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